In 1996 on the base of state firm was established the joint stock company Khidmsheni, however its history started much earlier from 1939 and during this period it has passed numerous stages. KHIDMSHENI has built over 2 thousand engineering constructions through its 71-year history. It posseses huge enterprise based in Gori and Ponichala, multi-profile combinat works, mechanization board, concrete works, quarry facilities of inert material light fills. Among Khidmsheni’s constructions are well-known bridges in Georgia and other countries of caucausus, for example Baratashvili bridge in Tbilisi, Railway bridge Navtughi, Red Bridge at the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan,bridge over Channel of Sevan HES in Armenia, hanging bridges in Tbilisi, Poti and Borjomi, road bridges in Russia and other North Caucasian countries. The company has contributed to a wide area of unique projects, such as fitting the monuments St. Nino and St. George, exhibition buildings main entrance,complex on rose revolution aquare and etc. Company engineers have also taken part in construction of bridge on Iang-Zi river, < > of the company are object that successfully function in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia Sochi region, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo Cherkesia, and etc. Curently “KhIDMSHENI” is working on construction of Qareli-Agara Bridge, bypass road bridge in Tbilisi, bridge in Adjara and Tbilisi railway bypass project, whichi is already presented as the project of XXI century in Georgia. Structural subdivisions of Khidmsheni are situated all over Georgia which gives them an opportunity to easily reach any destination in shortest terms. Unique Project Office is furnished with the most up-to-date equipment and has highly qualified staff. All of this contributes to carrying out especially complicated calculations in short terms, offering new bridgeworks from steel and reinforced concrete of various complexity, and engineering in compliance with Eurocads and bridge construction high level standards. One of Khidmsheni’s important achievements is international communications. It has relationships with such huge organizations engaged in construction of bridges such as CRCC China Railway Construction Company, group usabiaga, M.e.s.c Ltd, Zimo Ltd and etc. High quality standards and reliability of the company have become a characteristic feature of “Khidmsheni” trade-mark. In compliance with presidential degree a large group of specialists from Khidmsheni were awarded ordains, medals and honorary title of “Honored constructor of Georgia” for outstanding public service. An interesting and intensive work is still ahead as bridge constructing was prioritized for years to come by economic development plans of Georgia.